Amber Rose is calling out Julianne Hough for allegedly body-shaming her on “Dancing with the Stars.” Rose said she felt that Hough was commenting on her curves on Monday’s episode.

“It was a point in the dance where I had to lift my leg up and Maks dipped me and she said, ‘Oh, I’m uncomfortable,’ and I instantly, I felt, I did feel body-shamed because you know, all the beautiful, professional dancers that are on DWTS, I mean, they dress very sexy and they do splitsand they grind up on these guys and they look absolutely stunning and they get a standing ovation,” she said on “Loveline with Amber Rose,” her podcast. “For me and my body, my hips, my a**, my breasts made her feel uncomfortable.”

Hough alleged that her comment had been taken out of context.

“My ‘uncomfortable’ comment was about the fact that I felt like I wanted more out of the performance — when someone is doing a hot, sexy dance like that without the right amount of energy that is required, it can be uncomfortable to watch,” she said. “Trust me, I’m all for a sexy booty dance! We all know that! And any kind of body-shaming goes against everything I believe in.”

For me, that doesn’t sound right. You don’t use the word uncomfortable when you want more out of a performance. If that’s the case lets take a look back and see if that’s how she described any other dancers when she wanted “more out of the performance.”