NFL’er and serial media whore Chad Ochocinco soon to be Chad Johnson, would like to arrange a meeting with Republican, never gonna be president, Mitt Romney. Ochocinco tweeted at the former Massachusetts governor on Tuesday, writing, “Excuse Mr. Romney i’d like to have a 30 minute sit down with u. If u’re available I’d love for my followers to hear ur thoughts.” I’m telling you he will kiss anybodies azz for some light, a little bit of media…..disgusting!

Romney didn’t immediately respond, so Ochocinco asked another Republican, House Speaker John Boehner, to pass along the message.

“John are you busy?” he wrote. “Can you let Mr. Romney know that I’d like to have a interview with him. His voice-My followers = Power.”

Though Boehner and Ochocinco exchanged tweets earlier this year, the House speaker didn’t write back promptly either.

“I gotta change my avatar so they know I mean business,” Ochocinco concluded.