melanie-fiona-stretch-marksMelanie Fiona is what you call a grown a$$ woke a$$ woman and I’m applauding her and giving her much respect today! She is embracing motherhood and every change to her body that came with it including stretch marks. 

As I look down at my #PostBabyBody, I discover new lines that tell my story. The story of how my body grew and stretched to lengths I never fathomed possible. Prior to having my son, I feared these “dreaded” marks and scars that most women earn during pregnancy. Throughout my pregnancy I moisturized, oiled, lotioned on top of lotion, religiously, to prevent the appearance of these marks… And Lo and behold… They still made their appearance. Today’s social beauty standards and photo filters have given us the option to blur and smooth out these lines or imperfections, as they would have us believe they are. And although that’s great to have the option, today I opt to show these lines… For they are a beautiful reminder of the journey I have been on… The path to my greatest accomplishment as a woman… To becoming Cameron’s mother. They make me feel sexy. They remind me, I’m strong. I will not look back and long for the body I used to have…I will focus on embracing and loving this new body…the site of a true miracle. This Is Me. Now. ✨#LoveYourLines #EarnYourStripes#TigerStripes #StretchMarks#Motherhood #Awake xo